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Welcome to the Boss Babes Network, an exclusive community dedicated to the dynamic businesswomen of South Africa! Here, we unite visionary female leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals from diverse industries, fostering a supportive ecosystem where you can network, connect, and collaborate to achieve your business aspirations. Whether you’re an experienced industry veteran or just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, our network is your platform for empowerment, growth, and collective success. 

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Boss Babes Directory

Introducing the Boss Babes Network Business Directory—a valuable resource designed exclusively for our community of trailblazing businesswomen across the Western Cape and South Africa.

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Boss Babes Shop

Welcome to the Boss Babes Network Shopping Platform—a unique marketplace exclusively crafted for our extraordinary community of women entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives.

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Connection Hub

Join our exclusive Facebook group via our Connection Hub to connect with fellow empowered women in business. Share insights, seek advice, and collaborate with like-minded Boss Babes. Together, we'll empower each other to thrive in the business world. Join us today and be part of this inspiring community!"

"I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that's how you grow."
- Marissa Mayer, Former CEO of Yahoo

Join this incredible network of likeminded women. With them running along side you, you cannot fail. 

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Welcome to a world of empowerment, collaboration, and success! Join our thriving community of ambitious and inspiring women who are making waves in the business world. Here's how you can become a part of our Boss Babes network:

Choose the subscription that aligns with your ambitions and join a dynamic community of women who are ready to support and celebrate your success. Together, we rise! 

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What we offer

Becoming a Boss Babe will give you:

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Become Part of a BBN Business Directors

Listing and full access to the fast growing Boss Babes Directory

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Add your products to our shop

Add up to 5 of your products or service to our shop.

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Social Media Mentions & Marketing on our BBN groups

Mentions on our social media platforms and free advertising in the Beloved Women Magazine.

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Discount to all BBN events

Monthly events / gatherings where you can invite and connect with other Boss Babes.

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Free or Discounted Consulting

Get advice from women in business who can help, lead and advise you.

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Advertising and Features in the Beloved Online Women Magazine

Our exclusive private Face Book Group, where you can connect on a daily basis.

Our Clients

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What they say about us

As a recent member of the Boss Babes Women's Network, I've been blown away by the incredible sense of empowerment and support this community provides. The gatherings and events have been nothing short of inspiring, offering a space where like-minded women come together to share their wisdom, experiences, and ambitions. Boss Babes has given me an invaluable platform to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities that women in business face. The wealth of knowledge, mentorship, and camaraderie within this network is truly exceptional. I've found myself not only enjoying the gatherings but also eagerly looking forward to them, as they leave me feeling motivated and ready to take on new challenges in my own entrepreneurial journey. Boss Babes has added immeasurable value to my professional life, and I'm excited to continue growing, learning, and thriving alongside this remarkable community. Thank you, Boss Babes, for offering a space where women can uplift and empower each other, and for being a catalyst for my personal and professional growth. Here's to many more inspiring moments and successes together!

Susan Lubbe Music Director

I am thrilled to share my experience with Boss Babes, a phenomenal networking company that has transformed my professional journey. Since joining this empowering community, I have been thoroughly delighted every step of the way. Boss Babes creates an inviting and nurturing environment that brings together like-minded women with a shared passion for success. Each event I've attended has been nothing short of captivating, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and inspired to conquer new heights. Philippa and Charlene, the driving forces behind Boss Babes, welcome you with open arms, instantly making you feel at ease and part of something truly special. Being a member of Boss Babes has not only expanded my network but has also fueled my confidence in my business and product. I am excited and proud to be a part of this incredible group of women who consistently uplift and empower one another. Thank you, Boss Babes, for providing me with a platform that has not only enriched my professional life but has also allowed me to connect with remarkable individuals who share my passion for success. Here's to many more inspiring moments and growth ahead!

Ruth Blatt Founder and CEO of Differ Maths